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Shelter & Orion - Here's Where You Understand It's Only Dreaming

PRPO3310 / OMNISON06Shelter & Orion - Here's Where You Understand It's Only Dreaming   Sold Out

LP, 100 copies. handmade artwork, numbered

Thank God the counterpoint exists, and it’s bloody exciting. Far from re-enacting the revolution, the brilliants Alan Briand (Shelter) and Tom Val (Orion Music Workshop) join forces in a jam-sessions style, as in before Internet age, like ageless musicians searching for nothing but their own pleasure in hijacking everything they can get their hands on to create an improbable future. Already responsible for their own adventurous records, these two discreet builders are constructing an unsuspected elsewhere. An ageless scene that draws on noise, German rock, pioneering techno and more, a non-jazz of scholars who forget everything to perpetuate a purifying ritual. In this great bath, the ear finds Durutti Column unplugged in an art gallery, a certain electronic blues. An inhabited ambient (that’s so rare) where the unheard invites itself into happy nightmares where rusty Indian tablas found at a prehistoric rave party intermingle. In short, we rediscover the innocence of the early days, the desire to fight with the time, to do a lot with a little. Away from the machine to rediscover a little magic at your fingertips. The spirit of libertarian jazz plugged into a jack, and much more besides.

Recorded and mixed by Shelter & Orion, 2023.
Words by Maximilien / Oedipe Purple.

Shelter - Eight Colloiding Dancers

PRPO1020Shelter - Eight Colliding Dancers   20€

LP, 300 copies. comes in sturdy tip-on jacket

A collection of improvisational electronic mantras, premiered earlier this year on NTS, where Parisian artist Shelter explores odd meters, Indian-inspired drum cycles and expansive drone harmonics. It's a dreamed folklore, reminiscent of Hariprasad Chaurasia and Charanjit Singh's Eternity, John Hassel's fourth world or Craig Leon's Nommos. The LP blurs the line between organic and synthesis where drum machines melt into surreal harmonium textures and programming is indistinguishable from improvisation.

Recorded and mixed at home by Alan Briand in March and May 2022 with the assistance of Thomas Riguelle and Marguerite Vergne. Edited and compiled in August 2022.
Cutting by Jukka, Timmion Pressing. For digital release use mailorder.

Shelter - Eight Colloiding Dancers

CN006Shelter - Breathing / Wonderz   20€

10", Limited 50 copies. Lathe cut

where lava turns into new land
ridges collapse, and bottomless crevasses breathe
light moves weightlessly from aphotic blacks to the purest blues
sinking deeper and deeper into the disintegration of time
pulling you into a wordless state

Recorded and mixed in 2022.Mastering and Lathe cut by Cristobal Urbina, See You Mastering Artwork by Xavier Ford-Legrand Design by Peter Bunzinelli
For digital release use Chambre Noire's Bandcamp.